Saturday 31 May 2014

OBIEE Supports IE11! Please get EPM Supported! +Workarounds

Just read that the latest OBIEE (OBIEE now supports IE11 at last! Now please follow it up with EPM Oracle!

Windows 8.1 has made life really painful for supporting Oracle BI products. If you did not know, Windows 8 comes with IE10 and Windows 8.1 with IE11. You cannot roll back or install an earlier version than what it comes with. This makes it very tricky when various web apps such as EPM Workspace do not support or work at all in these versions (OBIEE 11 has supported IE10 for a while now and EPM supports IE10 if you're lucky enough to be there already!).

If you are stuck in this predicament (OBIEE or EPM) these are the workarounds I know about:
  1. Probably the least simple- Use citrix to offer your users IE8 through a published app. It is pretty seamless however the user will need to remember to go into IE8 whenever they want to connect to EPM. The published app cannot be made the default browser as far as I know.
  2. Probably the least practical- You can switch IE10/11 to emulate IE8 in the developer options. I say least practical though because you have to do it every time you visit the website. Developer options can be accessed through the Tools menu or by pressing F12. You need to find the emulation tab (IE11 has little icons down the left to change tabs/sections.. I think CTRL-8 also goes there).  You can then change document mode to '8'.
  3. IE11 has an Enterprise Mode which enables users to permanently set the browser to use IE8 emulation for a specific page. This requires the Windows 8.1 Service Pack to be installed and this is why I haven't been able to try it out yet although I should be able to next week. Apparently there are two options for administrators to allow this setting. They can allow users to turn on and off Enterprise Mode via the tools menu or they can maintain a whitelist on the users computer of sites that should use Enterprise Mode by default. I'm assuming this should work like the emulation in option 2 and therefor assume (hope) it works.
There was also an article on The Art of BI blog recently detailing some steps to alter the code on the server-side to work with IE10. Click here to go check that out.

Thanks to the Oracle Proactive Support blog for the heads up on OBIEE support.

Anyway, I just got excited that IE11 was finally supported in OBIEE and somehow ended up writing all of the above. Have a good weekend!

- Update (15-09-2014): Oracle have specified the following in regards to running EPM in Enterprise Mode:

Oracle has not certified EPM System on Internet Explorer 11 in Enterprise Mode and Oracle guidance is to use a certified release of Internet Explorer.  However, Oracle Support will assist customers running EPM System products on Internet Explorer 11 in Enterprise Mode by providing support for issues that are known to occur in a certified browser release.

There are a couple of minor exceptions and other notes. is meant to properly support IE11. Check out the KB article for full details.

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