Saturday 19 May 2012

OSDOTW #1 - EPM Configuration Information

As promised, here I am after my brief hiatus in Korea to bring you the first of my regular blog postings on hidden treasures from the Oracle support vaults.

Oracle Support is huge and typically as a user you will go there when you have a need for specific information. My goal in this series ('Oracle Support Document of the Week') is to highlight interesting and informative articles in the Oracle Support vaults that readers would otherwise probably not come across. It may or may not be weekly, I may just have liked the name, but it will certainly be a regular piece so stay tuned!

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As a consultant, troubleshooting is an everyday necessity. Whether it be recent implementation or something someone from some other consulting company did quite some time ago, one of the keys for both ourselves and the customer, is in identifying the issue and determining what it is going to take to resolve. The first few of my postings will most likely be around basic troubleshooting and configuration.

So without further ado here is my first posting which is actually a collection of three articles ('buy 1 get 2 free' or as I learnt after a very confusing conversation in Korea, "1 plus 2"!).

Locations of Major Configuration Information

These documents provide quite comprehensive listings of configuration details as well as a decent description of what each item actually is. One of the great things about Oracle Support is that there seems to be a renewed focus on meaningful and useful documentation and these articles are no exception.


- Daniel