Hyperion Utilities

Aggregate View Builder
Alex has simplified the process for building custom aggregate storage views. The link takes you to his blog article which includes a web based application for generating the aggregate view file.

Jason Jones' Hyperion Utilities
Jason has actually developed a number of handy utilities so instead of linking individually you can visit his website for the latest list. His utilities include:
  • ADS File Reader
  • Cube Data (generates test data)
  • Essbasepy (python wrapper for MaxL)
  • Huma Unused Member Analyzer
  • Hyperion Parent Inferer
  • Hyperpipe (load an Essbase cube from a SQL DB without a load rule)
  • Jessub (generate MaxL scripts from templates)
  • Rejected Record Summar
  • Tieout (compare cubes with data sources)

OLAP Underground Outline Extactor
The OlapUnderground Outline Extractor is a free tool that exports Oracle Essbase outline contents into files in various formats / layouts. The original developers no longer maintain this software but it is still maintained to an extent and hosted by Applied OLAP.

OLAP Underground Advanced Security Manager
Like the Outline Extractor, this application is now maintained by Applied OLAP.  It has various security related features such as the ability to migrate security between servers, modify security settings, maintain user connections and also maintain locks. All of this can also be scripted through a command line interface.

OutlineReader is a Java package (jar) made to extract Essbase outline structure (parent-child format) and its properties (alias, formula, uda, attribute...)

MaxL "export outline" XML parser

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