Thursday 29 March 2012

OSDOTW - Oracle Support Document of the Week!

 I'm often snooping around Oracle Support and there are certainly a good number of articles worth-reading buried in there. Problem is, finding things is often about getting lucky. By that I don't just mean that things are necessarily hard to find, but every now and then you come across a gem of an article that you would never had thought existed or intentionally tried to find.

I don't aim to necessarily provide a significant amount of commentary on these documents but rather provide a medium to make some of the more interesting stuff visible.

My goal is obviously to keep this as a regular posting and believe there should be enough 'good finds' to do so. Of course I'm writing this post 2 weeks before I go AWOL for almost 4 weeks but I promise to get right back into it! I think I also just like abbreviations. Stay tuned for OSDOTW!

Oracle Webcast - Hyperion Planning Performance Pitfalls

Oracle have an upcoming webcast titled ''Hyperion Planning Performance Pitfalls". It is scheduled for Thursday the 4th of April (or early morning on the 5th for us 'down-under') and will go for an hour.

Friday 2 March 2012

Updated Notepad++ Styles (plus MDX style)

I have made slight tweaks to my Notepad++ styles over time and wanted to share the latest version. In addition I have also created an MDX style but have not tested it significantly yet as I don't write much complex MDX.

I have found the CalcScript user style extremely useful of late as I had to debug some (over) complicated IF statements and ended up finding that they were not doing what was expected due to things like missing ENDIFs and IFs instead of ELSEIF statements which Essbase doesn't necessarily pick up (at compile time or run time). Since Notepad++ allows you to set up collapsible sections (e.g. between IF and ENDIF) it makes it much easier to navigate.

As before, the easiest way to install them is to do the following:
  1. Open the View menu
  2. Select User Defined Dialogue
  3. Click Import button
  4. Browse to and open the downloaded xml file (do this for each, one at a time)
Click below to download:

CalcScript User Defined Style: CalcScript.xml
MAXL User Defined Style: MAXL.xml
MDX User Defined Style: MDX.xml