Thursday 29 March 2012

Oracle Webcast - Hyperion Planning Performance Pitfalls

Oracle have an upcoming webcast titled ''Hyperion Planning Performance Pitfalls". It is scheduled for Thursday the 4th of April (or early morning on the 5th for us 'down-under') and will go for an hour.

Hopefully it won't contain too much information about creating SRs despite it being listed twice in the topics! Here is an excerpt from the details:

  • How to avoid problems when making changes to your forms or processes
  • Understand what information to gather before logging an SR
  • Understanding web forms
  • Understanding planning data entry in relationship to Essbase
  • Review of some performance issues that were fixed in a recent release
  • What information to gather before logging an SR
Good news is it is actually attend-able for Aussies although not ideal. It is 12am Easter Friday morning so even though we need to stay up late on Thursday there is a four day weekend to catch up any missed sleep!

It is hard to say how valuable or in-depth the content will be but with Planning form response times such big deal for end-users I'm happy for any insider tips however small. I also like Oracle talks because often you can pick up future product information tidbits from them.

Check out this support link for all the details.

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