Tuesday 28 August 2012

OSDOTW #3 - Defects Fixed Finder

Yes it's that time again, time for my odd-monthly Oracle Support Document of the Week column.

A quick update today to point people to the '"Bugs Fixed Finder". Not the most creative name but it certainly highlights what it does.. and what better cause for a name. Perhaps I can apply the same logic to my first born, I'm sure many parents would be all too keen to share their suggestions.

From the horse's mouth:
This new tool provides an efficient way to review the defects fixed in patch set updates, patch set exceptions, and patch sets for major releases, starting with Release 11.1.1. The tool helps you plan patch implementations by providing concise descriptions of defects fixed after your current release. The Defects Fixed Finder enables you to easily find information about defects fixed for each EPM System product.

Essentially it works like the Cumulative Feature Overview Tool; you select the product(s) you are interested in and then you select your current release. The tool will create a new page detailing all bugs that have been fixed including the release & patch number since your current installation.

One of the best things about this is it makes it easy to find out what bugs exist before running into them yourself. It is oh so painful when you spend half a day trying to make something work that was never  ever going to work in the first place (even worse when you find out it is an unpublished bug though).

So go on, check it out at the Oracle Support page for the EPM System Defects Fixed Finder (doc ID 1292603.1).